Preparing To Have a Baby Girl

Having a new baby in the family always calls for excitement and celebration. There about 100 things to do and even then, you are never fully ready. The lead up to the birth takes a lot of preparation from the mother’s health to getting the accessories ready and of course all the items you are going to need from the time of birth.

As much as parents may say they do not mind if their baby is a boy or girl deep down, we all have a preference or rather a gender we secretly want the baby to be. Just like a boy and baby girl is considered very precious and a blessing to the family. Although preparation is more or less for either baby the only thing that would change is clothes. So how differently would you prepare for a baby girl starting with all her baby linen.


In many cultures a baby girl means an investment in jewellery. Gold jewellery is one the most commonly bought pieces of jewellery for a baby girl. Even though she may not be wearing any time soon family members consider it an investment into her future. Grandparents especially may want to buy her, her first pair of studs or necklace. This may change in different cultures but there will always some sort of long-term investment made.

Accessories are endless

One of the best things about being a girl is that you are not short of accessories. The same is for baby girls. From the time of birth there are plenty of cute accessories that you can use when dressing her up. When it comes to clothes,the range of girls dresses are endless meaning that there will always be a choice for any occasion. Hair accessories, shoes, belts and just about anything is widely available for any age.

Piercing ears

Piercing ears are mandatory in some families. It usually happens when the baby is a few months old. Although some may think this is not right it actually is a good time as the skin is very soft and she most likely will not feel any pain. Once it is done, she becomes used to it so the irritation is much less than when piercing ears when she is older. This however depends on each one’s preference.

The emotional roller coast you are going to have

Having a baby does change you as a person, you are now responsible for another life. It is a great and wonderful commitment. However, it is said that having a baby girl can trigger a difference response than when having a baby boy.

The love factor does not change but your response can be different. Having a baby girl does cause change to how a father will react. They are more likely to become affectionate, although this is not to say this does not happen for a baby boy. A girl usually means more protection, affection and empathy which once again depends on the parents’ feelings.