7 Tips to Taking Your Baby Jogging with You

You don’t have to stop jogging just because you have a baby. You can take him with you in his stroller. All the things you need to consider if you’re going to do this are discussed below.


Health experts advise that you only take infants in jogging strollers if they’re over 6-8 months. Their muscles would be strong enough to support their head and neck then.

Right Stroller

Don’t use just any stroller. Get a special jogging stroller. It would have air-filled wheels to make it easier to push your child. Manoeuvring the pushchair would be a breeze, as the front wheel can be locked too. There are many options on the market. Go with a well-reviewed pushchair for joggling, like Baby Jogger Strollers.

Lower Pace

The key to running with a baby in a pram is to not move too fast. You need to run at least a minute a mile slower than you normally would. If you start jogging fast, you could lose control of the pram. You might think that running at a slower pace won’t give you as good of a workout. However, you’re going to be moving with a pushchair with you, so you’ll be getting some resistance training.

Avoid Earphones

Most people jog while listening to music. Ideally, you wouldn’t have any music on while pushing the stroller. You’d be able to hear everything that’s going on around. Not only would you hear cars and vehicles that might be coming your way, but you’d be able to hear your baby crying too. He may be hungry.

Running without listening to music can be hard, so have one earphone in but lower the volume.

Schedule It

Plan the jogs wisely. The best time to take your little one with you is right before nap time. The movement of the stroller may put him to sleep. Don’t take him running when it’s time for him to eat. You’d be dealing with an angry child.

Jogging Location

Where will you be jogging? Parks, sidewalks, and bike paths are the most ideal. You wouldn’t have to worry about traffic. Go when it’s not that crowded, so you wouldn’t have to deal with anyone accidentally knocking the pushchair.

Just like you should be mindful of the location you’d be jogging on, you need to also consider the type of surface you’ll be on. Avoid surfaces that have cracks or aren’t even. It would be harder to manoeuvre the stroller otherwise. 

The internet can help. It would let you know which locations other parents have been taking their kids running.

Pack Everything

Make sure you’ve taken everything your little one would need with you. This would include wipes, diapers, snacks, a toy, and anything to entertain him. Diaper wipes can be your best friend, as having to change diapers in a public bathroom can become very messy fast.

When it comes to taking your child with you, there are many things to consider. Probably the most important would be to make your little one is old enough. Have the right stroller too.