How to Play with Your Newborn

A tiny human sleeping 8-12 hours per day can make you feel like you aren’t doing much with your newborn. Sometimes you may be even thinking about how to make use of the little time your newborn stays awake trying to figure what is happening around.

It’s well-known that understanding or trying to know what you’re just born wants or likes can be exhausting and playing is no wonder. But there are some simple ways you can use to start playing with your little ones to help them with their developing process. Three main ways you can do this are as follows.


Although talking isn’t much emphasized as a way of playing, this model helps in building a connection and rapport with your newborn. Try to talk during a diaper change, bath time, or even while feeding. Especially infant-directed speech has been backed up by science as a way of increasing a newborn’s ability to focus on human sounds in general. 

Moreover, it’s equally important to talk to your newborn throughout the day as it again has backed up science that favours a child’s IQ through this mode of playing. That is when you speak to your newborn through the day, they can have a higher IQ when they grow up with the equal capacity to do better at school. This tends to root from the exposure a newborn gets to words while a parent or caregiver speaks to them all day. 


Just simply holding you’re little one is another loving way to play with your little one. When you hold, it gives a sense of comfort, safety, and love in your arms, which in turn creates a bond between you and your newborn. 

Carrying the newborn around while holding and showing things around can not only strengthen bonds but can also improve breastfeeding, fight postnatal depression and even help in regulating the little one’s heartbeat rate and body temperature.

Give something to look at and play 

Giving something for the little one to look at and play with. Try to take things that move, play music, or have attractive colours and patterns. You can also help him/her play it. During this time when he/she sees things and objects, it’ll give them the ability to develop their visual system. While growing you can eventually focus on things and objects that bond well with your little one in developing senses.

You can also search for baby sensory toys Australia  online to find a great array of options. These make a great option to play and equally enhance your little ones’ growing process. Make sure whatever you use to play with your newborn is safe and free from toxic or chemical elements as they can easily put anything in their mouth. 

While these may help you play with your baby at an early stage and be a part of their developing phases, know that love, care and affection are equally important to ensure a healthy and happy growing stage for your little bud.