How to Find Bathing Items for Your Baby?

If you are a new mom, giving a bath to your newborn seems to be a scary and daunting task. But if you purchased the correct bathing products, and with a little bit of practice, it would make the chore easier. You might have heard of product recalls and the thought of buying products for your baby that might be recalled is scary so, knowing which products to purchase would make bathing your baby as stress-free as possible.

As a smart consumer, you have to look for the following factors to make sure that every bath time with your baby is a fun experience.


This is the first consideration when you are buying baby bath products. All products must be safe to use. For example, you would want a baby tub that is not slippery and non-skid because this might be a cause for an accident. It could be as basic or generic as a plastic tub or it could be a complicated tub system with temperature control. The only consideration you have to think of when purchasing a tub is that your baby would comfortably fit in it for the first six months or so.


As for soaps, shampoo, lotion, creams, and other products that you would be using and applying directly to your baby, look for products that say they are hypoallergenic. Choose products that specifically say they are for infant care. When buying soaps, don’t buy one that produces a lot of bubbles.

You might think that the more suds, the better. But in actuality, the bubbles strip your baby’s skin of its natural oils. If possible, purchase liquid soaps than bar soaps since they are more drying. For shampoo, look for the “no tears” formula. Also look for products with natural and moisturizing ingredients to prevent your baby’s scalp from drying.


Babies don’t really need to use lotion unless their skin is very dry and it’s a good lubricant to use when you give them a nice massage. The light pressure would stimulate blood flow and the physical contact could strengthen the bond between you and your baby. When purchasing lotions, choose unscented ones and made out of shea butter or coconut oil or other moisturizing agents. Double check the label and make sure the lotion is free of alcohol which could also cause the skin to dry.


Toys are important when you are bathing your baby, especially with fussy babies who seem to be terrified of water. To keep them calm and entertained, you could use colourful and interactive toys to keep them entertained while you are giving them a bath. When purchasing toys, make sure they are non-toxic since babies tend to put everything in their mouths. With non-toxic toys, you would not need to worry when they put it in their mouth.

Bathing your new born baby could be worrying since you have to consider a lot of factors but if you prep beforehand, bathing could be one of the fondest memories you would have with your baby.