Do You Accept Your Kids’ Favourite Game?

Basically, all activities are of two types, either it is some activity to do physically or mentally. Unlike in the past, even kids today are well versed in the use of digital technology. Digital games have conquered a larger part of the kids’ population, while only a few kids actually play games that involve moving their hands and feet, many are glued to some digital screen.

How digital games are used today

Not only kids, sadly even adults are very much addicted to these digital games, especially video games. Therefore, it is very difficult to expect their children to do otherwise. The reason is that for some psychological reasons, video games are very addictive.

Video games do serve a purpose, that cannot be denied, in the beginning these games were focused at improving the children’s imagination and skills to create solutions, identify patterns and stuff. However, unfortunately it is very misused in the society today. Some types of games sore strife, hatred, and all types of malice enter these kids right from their young ages. They are left vulnerable to the reality outside their little world of video games.

Health is also not a friend of these digital games either. Looking into blue light digital screens for long hours have rendered even small kids to wear tiresome spectacles. Being overweight is another health condition that follows this practice.

Hand in hand games

These types of games allow your kids to grow skills that can be actually used in the reality. Resilience and perseverance to endure failures is one of them. Without perseverance you cannot win life, because no one has been born perfect. We rise when we fail but always it is something added to our learning to be perfect. Next creativity, neither of these survive alone.

A creative thinker should also be perseverant, because results do not take place in a day or two. this again has a lot of other benefits. You may know where these creative thinkers are today, some are either heading some world renown companies while some are leading into pathetic ally ways.

Communication is very much developed through these games. Not only verbal communication even signs and languages are easily understood by kids who play these kinds of games. Fortunately, many parents who have realized this give hand in hand activity kits to their children. Teaching your kids to read books is also a good option. Just as in hand in hand activity, this develops the thinking ability of your kids, which will one day serve an invaluable purpose in their life.

Many kids are not even aware of most of the games that we used to play when we were small. The funny case is, but sometimes we see them playing that game, inside their digital game stations. So, do you think your kid is on the right track? Is he always on the phone playing games or does he put his mind into something more active?