The Importance of Alkaline in Our Diets

Our modern lifestyle is all about ease and convenience. We tend to find a faster and easiest way to get through tasks in our lives. Unfortunately, this habit of quick and easy has sunk in to our eating habits.

Fast food and oily food are being consumed at unhealthy rates, simply because it is a quick fix, unlike cooking homemade meals. With the never-ending demand, the food arriving to supermarkets are overflowing with toxins and pesticides that we eventually consume.

Alkaline in the diet reinforces good, old-fashioned eating habits of vegetables, fruits and drinking more water. A healthy body maintains of a 7.4pH level therefore alkaline is needed to reduce the acidic by-products produced by the body after digestion. Acidity can be caused through the consumption of alcohol, excess amounts of meat, processed foods and refined sugar.

The negative health effects of acidity can start in the kidneys. The kidneys are unable to handle the large amounts of acidity in the body; this acid eventually accumulates in the tissues. If your diet is not altered the excess amounts of acid can cause

Kidney stones

The result of kidney stones is difficulty in passing urine, nausea, vomiting and pain. As a worst case it may sometimes require surgery to remove.


When there is tenderness and swelling in joints, which are too extremely painful and cause restricted movement. Unfortunately, arthritis has no cure but only methods to limit the pain and restriction.

Reduced bone density

Deterioration of bones due to high levels of acidity can happen over a prolonged period of time. An alkaline diet helps to ease that accumulation in bone tissues reducing the effects of the acidity.


Diabetics are abnormally high levels of sugar in the blood. Diabetics can be a long -term result of acid build up. Since diets with an alkaline focus on a low carb diet involving vegetables and fruits and more protein it automatically controls levels of sugar.


One of the largest contributors to cancer is the amount of processed food that is consumed in large quantities. People are now becoming aware of the many side effects of the food we eat. The majority have turned to eating more organic or home-grown vegetables.

It is difficult to guarantee 100% organic produce however eating lots of fruits, nuts and seeds can help your diet. Instead of starch grains and beans such as kidney beans and chickpeas are ideal alternatives to starchy or fatty food.

Therefore, alkaline supplements or food rich in alkaline can counter the above effects of acidity. The most obvious is that it smoothens the digestion process. It builds up the overall strength of the bones by limiting the accumulation of acid.

Fatty food takes its toll on the health of your heart too. So rather than waiting to switch to alkaline filled diets as a solution to the above illnesses, switching your diet to include more alkaline is a better remedy. After all prevention is better than cure.