Advantages of Dress-Up Play for Children

Dressing up is not only for adults but for children, too. It is not secret anymore that dressing up has an array of benefits like having more self-confidence and earning respect from other people. And more likely, you have experienced playing dress-up when you were a child, too.

That is why if you are a parent, allow your little one to experience it as well. Shop for cute and comfortable costumes that he/she can wear in a special occasion. If you think it is a waste of time and money, continue reading below about the advantages of dress-up play for children.

Develop Empathy

When your child plays dress-up, it will help him/her see the world differently. Let your little one engages in a role-play wherein he/she can learn how important helping other people is. For example, a role-play about a firefighter and a civilian or a medical doctor and a patient. Doing this will help develop your child’s empathy towards other people.


Playing dress-up will allow your little one to improve problem-solving skills. Who will play as a nurse? Who will play as the patient? Allow your little one to decide the role he/she wants to play. Or during the Holiday season, do some role-playing, too. At an early stage, let your baby play dress-up. You can check out baby Christmas outfits and pick from a variety of cute and inexpensive costumes for every occasion.

Improve Motor Skills

If you allow your little ones to have enough playtime for dress-up, it will help improve their motor skills. How? By learning how to put on the clothes, or by putting on the cap, or tying a shawl.

Boosts Imagination

Your little one’s imaginations are endless and have not been strongly formed yet by the world’s real situation. That is why your little ones need to play dress-up. It can boost their imagination which is vital to thinking creatively during their adult years.

Helps Build Vocabulary

When your little ones do a role-play, they will choose the character they would like to portray. It can be their favourite cartoon character or actor or actress. Let them speak for what they truly want as it can come in handy in building their vocabulary. If they can’t say a word properly or they have committed a mistake in pronouncing a word, correct it right away.

Strengthens Relationships

Dressing-up builds empathy which means it can help strengthen relationships. They will live the life of someone else and put themselves in other people’s shoes. It will give them the ability to understand the feelings of the people around them.

The Chance to Explore

Dressing-up using different characters will allow your littles ones to explore – what they like or what they do not. Maybe he wants to dress-up as a medical doctor, which leads him/her to a career path of becoming a physician in the near future.

Dressing-up using different costumes should be experienced by your little ones as it offers a range of benefits.