What Should Parents Look for In A Toy?

The toys and games we used to play when we were kids are no more. When we were little there were the Barbie dolls, stuffed bears and chocolate coins to eat while playing. Today the industry as well as the market has expanded and the internet is everywhere.

Even a 3-year-old would know how to watch his favourite cartoon on YouTube and it’s not surprising when he wants a toy of that cartoon character or an item it uses. Of course, all this is much commercialized and the industry is profiting off of it.

What Sort of Characteristics Should A Toy Have?

A toy given to a toddler or an infant should be safe in the first place. A decade or so ago, plastic toys gained momentum because of their light weight, low prices, ease of cleaning and so many other reasons. However today we know that plastic is a bad material. As obviously toys will get discarded once they are used up and the kids are grown, plastic becomes a problem.

Unless you are very careless and do not want to or can’t spend that much, refraining from buying anything plastic for your kids would be the best thing to do. Rubber is another material that is quite popular for kid’s toys and that also could have some chemicals embedded in it in the manufacturing process. Safety comes first and you have to look into the raw materials as well as the production process as much as you can when you buy toys for your kids.

Wooden Toys

Several decades ago, like many other items’ toys were also wooden. Then came the issue with reducing the number of trees, environmental pollution and so many other things. Therefore, stuff made of wood was increasingly losing attraction and the industry turned to make furniture, tableware, toys and so many other stuffs in plastic.

Recently with the uproar of plastic being the wrong kind of material to be used as raw material, wooden toys have made a comeback. However, the earlier rationale behind their refusal – that is trees being cut down- is still there. So, if you are going for a wooden toy, make sure you plant a tree in your garden or/and tell your kid about it, and make them plant several trees wherever you can.

Encouraging Creativity

Today it is quite common to see that most of the toys not only lists “harmless” materials as their raw materials but also boasts of the ability they have to encourage creativity and make your kids smarter. Better not take them at their word, of course.

If you talk to a doctor or simply check on a trustworthy website, you will learn about the sort of toys that can make your kids brain growth more efficient and improve their creativity. For example, you can go for a wooden playdough tools set such as hammers, stampers and rollers. Kids will have an opportunity to have their creativity tested while playing with the toolset and normal dough.

As parents we must be very careful of what we expose the kids to. They might see a negative side and take the wrong message. Seemingly innocent toys such as air balloons and magnetic kits can be the cause of dreadful consequences.