Top considerations when choosing the best baby seat

Travelling in a car always comes with a risk. As a parent, you will want the minimize risk or to completely avoid the risk for your children. To make travelling in safe and comfortable for your child and have no worries about it, a crucial addition to the vehicle is a baby seat.

There are different types of baby carseats for you to choose from and each model will be different from one another. This will bring you to having a lot of questions on which type of baby seat is ideal for your child. Here are the top considerations you should have when choosing the best baby seat:

 Is the baby seat tested and approved?

The first and the foremost feature to look for when you are choosing a baby seat is if they are tested and approved which assures you safety. There are two main regulations that baby seats are tested under, namely, ECE R44 and UNR 129-Size. Choosing a baby seat with one of these approvals is necessary. A baby seat which as the ECE R44 approval are tested for both rear facing and forward facing collision. On the other hand, a baby seat which has an approval for UNR 129 is tested for side collisions.

Consider your child’s age and height

Taking a look at your child to help in the choice of the baby seat that you get is needed to fit your child. Having looked into the age of your child, you can choose from the three categories that are available: baby car seats, car seats and high back booster seats. Baby car seats are designed for babies from birth to 12 months of age. If you have a toddler, you should go for the seats which have UNR 129 approval where the children must be rear facing in the vehicle. Once the child as outgrown this seat, it is best that you upgrade to a high back booster seat which is ideal for children who are taller than 135cm.

Aim for easy installation

If the baby seat that you choose cannot be easily installed to your car, it will cause issues and it will be a waste of time and money. Check if your car has ISOfix. ISOfix are metal rings placed at the back vehicle seat which helps in fixing the baby seats to the vehicle. If your car has ISOfix, the installation will be simply and the car will have indicators to show that the installation has been done right as well.

Other features to look for

The baby seat that you choose needs to provide high comfort levels to your child throughout the drive. Therefore, before you buy the seat, pay attention to the leg space, adjustability of the height, protection for side impacts, etc. Having chosen the right baby seat will make you feel safe no matter where you are going and throughout the ride, your child will be comfortable and safe.