Fun Team Building Games For Anyone

Teamwork and team spirit are proven to be essential traits of a personality. Team building exercises are often preached and practiced in workplaces as part of training, but the first source of building these skills should start from school. There are several games that are often incorporated into building these skills effectively and are suitable to be played with among any age category of individuals. Workplaces frequently carry out training sessions that include such games. Given below are some of the most effective games created to instill the said teambuilding skills;

Human Knot

Teambuilding skills are obviously performed in groups and of people numbered to the limit of around fifteen to twenty persons. The game human knot is one of the best outdoor team building activities organized in workplace training sessions and school activities. Through this game, the participants are required to stand in a circle, they are then instructed to use their right hands to grab another random participant’s right hand from anywhere in the circle, which then takes a turn with the left hand. After both hands have been instructed for, the people in the circle would be in a human knot, which is to be untangled through coordination and communication WITHOUT letting go of any hands that have been caught.

The Perfect Square

This is another alternative, teambuilding yet fun game to be played even at workplace training sessions. The perfect square also requires a number of participants ranging from fifteen to twenty persons. All participants are needed to be standing in a circle, blindfolded while holding a part of the rope shared by the rest of the participants. They will then be instructed to place the ropes at where they stand and take a few steps back. Once they are behind the original position, they are then required to walk back to the rope on the ground and coordinate with the whole team to form a square instead of a circle, the game can be toughened by silently instructing a few of them to keep mum while the rest of the blindfolded mates try to figure things out.

Egg Drop

The egg drop can be as fun as it may turn out to be messy, but it definitely builds team spirits. Groups of five or so members are subdivided from a large group and handed different supplies such as newspapers, plastic cups, plastic utensils, tape an egg and many others. The motive of the game is to communicate and use creativity into building a safe landing for the eggs distributed to each group when dropped from a said height. The teams are allowed to use as many supplies as they wish to prevent the egg from cracking into a mess when it is dropped.

All three of the above games are known to build team spirits while also ensuring a lot of fun and enjoyment the whole time. If you too wish to organize a kids camp or a training session at work, consider the above games for effectiveness.