The Importance Of Sending Your Child To Pre-School At The Right Age

The beginning of education is one of the most important aspects of the life of a child. As a parent, one would ensure that the best of education is provided for their child. Humans are accustomed to learning as they grow older. Education starts at home with the family, moving on to school and then in the community.

All parents wonder at what age their child should start school. Not too late for them to be far behind their peers, and not too early that they find themselves not ready for early separation from parents and home.

Teaches Good Habits And Independence

The age at which a child starts school will be largely dependent on the laws of the state or country in which one resides. In some it may be as early as 5 years while in others at 8 years. School ideally starts with Kindergarten in most countries. But nowadays, there are many pre-schools that introduces a child to early education like the mitchell street early learning.

Pre-schools help children interact with other children and help develop their communication and engagement. It teaches children to be more independent like going to the bathroom by themselves, putting on their clothes by themselves, having food on their own and many others. It can also be a tool in introducing good habits to children such as washing hands after using a bathroom, cough etiquette, saying please and thank you.

Depends On The Child

Pre-school which is usually for children aged 3-4 years might sound too early for many. But the age at which a child should be introduced to it should not be governed by the biological age but rather their developmental age.

For example, a child who is excellent at interactive play with toys by the age of 3 and communicates well with parents might excel well in pre-school where their skills are further developed upon. They might not be as well challenged at home.

However, if a child is having severe separation anxiety, sending them off to pre-school will only aggravate it. Rather it must be dealt with carefully with the help of family, teachers and if indicated a psychiatrist as well.

It Will Help Children Improve Their Ability To Concentrate

Some people think that a child’s childhood is robbed off of them by sending them early to school. Homework and exercises to read and write might introduce a child to stress early on in life. But it is not so. It is important to do careful research on the pre-school which you have chosen for your child.

A good pre-school will not be stressful for the child or the parents. They will only prepare the child to be better in school. Studies have shown that children who go to pre-school are better at concentration and getting less distracted in school, thus reducing the risk of developing disorders like attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

Education, which is a right of all children is introduced at kindergarten at an age decided by the laws of the different states or countries. However, pre-school can help a child develop their skills making them better at school. Rather than just learning to read and write, it will inculcate good habits and skills of independence that a child may value for the rest of their life.