7 Simple Reward Ideas For Kids

Rewards are the best ways to motivate and discipline your child. Throughout the years many parents have used reward systems to make quick work of their child’s behavior. It’s simple, you really don’t need extravagant or privileged items to make things work, you can use stuff your child already has! Just make sure that the reward you choose matches your child’s interest because all these ideas below likely won’t work for everyone.


This has to make the list because most parents reserve praise for bigger achievements. Kids need to hear they’re doing well at the little things too, especially from someone they respect like their parents. So no matter how many of the below rewards tickle your kid’s fancy, don’t forget the most basic of them all- a few kind words!

The Tangibles

Tangible rewards could be anything from kids clothes to a small treasure box of items. If there’s anything of yours that he loves using, perhaps a hat, loan it to him for the day as an extra incentive when praise isn’t enough.

Delayed Bedtime

When we say a later bedtime, we’re not talking hours here. A mere fifteen minutes would do the trick! This reward is not for the kids that have trouble sleeping through the night, however. You’ll have to use a different incentive for them. But for the ones that can sleep, this reward will really get them excited because an extended bedtime makes them feel like a ‘big’ child.


two toddler pillow fighting

By choosing activities, you can physically be a part of your child’s growth. The activity you choose entirely depends on your kid’s interest but it could include going to the park, playing some board games etc. You can even look for local community events that your child can attend. Since this reward makes for a great bonding session with the family, you definitely can’t lose with this one!

Electronics Time

While as a whole you need to make sure that your child’s electronics time is limited, you can give your child chunks of screen time that he earns only with specific good behavior like being respectful towards his elders and siblings or not being too rough etc. Don’t use this reward too often, however, because while it acts as a great incentive, you don’t want your kids to be too dependent on it.


Kids tend to love getting messy with their hands and a great way for you to unleash your creative side as well is to get into crafts! There’s plenty of inspiration you can find, especially on platforms like Pinterest. Give your child some options you feel are within his capabilities and let him choose his favorite amongst them all. Then get started!


boy running on green lawn

Having a friend over or getting to head out with a friend (with an adult around of course) is one of the greatest incentives you can give your kid.

These are 7 simple rewards you can use to motivate your kid to do better. You can even brainstorm ideas with your child too because it falls down to how much they themselves love their reward!