Top 5 Gifts for Any New Parent

A new parent is in for the rollercoaster of a lifetime during their first few months of parenthood. While they will undoubtedly experience the most joyous of moments, it’s also a lot about trial and error. There’s a lot to consider and you can make their lives so much easier by giving them a gift that would be either incredibly functional or sentimental. Here are some great gifting ideas that any new parent would love.

Cashmere Blankets

A comfy cashmere blanket of excellent quality from Namely Co would be a great addition to the household because babies tend to get frustrated, irritated or scared quite easily. A great way to soothe them is to help them feel warm and secure so by snuggling the baby in this blankie, he/she will definitely drift off into a blissful sleep. You can even go a step further and personalize the blanket with the baby’s name!

Baby Carrier

The carrier is a must-have for any parent and you can bet that this gift will be one of the most-used on the list! The carrier can be attached either to the front or back and it allows the parent to be incredibly flexible. Should they want to multitask, do the chores or run errands, the carrier will help keep their hands free and their baby close at all times!


Pacifiers are used by babies as young as 1 month! They stimulate the baby’s sucking reflex, which is a soothing effect for them. So essentially, a pacifier is a parent’s best friend when it comes to handling wailing babies. You also get teething pacifiers for babies who are going through the painful symptoms of teething, which may appear as early as 2 months. There are a variety for you to choose from, with different handles, buttons etc.

Keepsake Box

This one is for all the creative parents out there. When raising a baby, the most joyous of experiences happen in fleeting moments so you need to be ready to capture them at the right time. Get them a keepsake box that will see to all their scrap booker needs. It may have cut-out illustrations, labels, files to hold sonogram pictures and so much more! Remember, the more features your box has, the more it’ll be appreciated.

Air Purifier

Now this might not be as sentimental as the last but it sure has its uses. A baby is incredibly vulnerable to the pollutants in his/her environment. They’ve spent most of their lives at that point being secure and warm in the mother’s womb and so you can imagine by being thrust into this world, how many toxins that the baby is being exposed to. It’s in the baby’s best interest that an air purifier is installed in the room to filter out any unwanted pollutants and airborne odours.

These are the best gifts you can give any new parent- the perfect mix between sentimental and functional products! Coordinate with your friends and make sure each one gets something that will simply make those new parents’ lives so much easier.