How to prepare For the Baby’s Teething Phase

If your baby is nearing the teething phase, you should start getting ready for it too. More often than not, parents leave this stage without making the right prep for it and then when it hits they are left with trying to handle a grumpy baby and a really grumpy one we mean. Therefore, take all the steps necessary before you can handle this. Babies will usually begin teething around 06 months of age so you should use this as a rough timeline for your preparations.

Know the Symptoms That Are Usual

One thing that you should not do is panic when the baby is teething because they may appear sick. They usually do feel sick because they will run a low grade fever and they will be in pain caused by the teeth trying to break through the gums. If we still cry when we get our wisdom teeth, imagine how painful it must be for a baby? Therefore do some homework first and see what actual symptoms are visible during the teething phase. You should only worry and take them to the doctor if the symptoms that they are showing are out of the norm.

Do Your Teething Shopping Early On

Do not wait for the last minute to try and buy items for your baby that they can use while they are teething. For example, Bubba Chew wooden teething toys are a great option for your baby if you can get some early on. In addition to this, you should also look around for more safe options for teething toys and the likes so that you will not find yourself running up and down trying to find something when the baby starts teething. Have plenty of options around in different textures that can help relieve the sore gums of the baby.

Get Some Medication for the Baby In Advance

Just when you begin to notice that the gums are turning a bit more, go to the doctor and speak with them about medication that can be safely used to help the pain or fevers in instances where the baby is feeling extremely uncomfortable. We would suggest that you not give much of medication to babies and your doctor would say the same, but they will also prescribe some medicine that is safe in advance so that you again don’t have to worry about it at the last minute. Never attempt to self-medicate your baby without expert medical advice as this can be really dangerous for the child.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Many Sleepless Nights Ahead

As a parent of a months old baby, sleepless nights and exhaustion are nothing new to you right? Well wrong. Unfortunately, when a baby starts to teeth, they may prove to be even more challenging to look after and could actually not go to sleep at all, refuse to eat and be really angry and keep on crying the whole day. What you should do is to mentally prepare yourself so that when it actually happens you yourself do not have a breakdown.