The Pros of Breastfeeding Your Baby

Among the many magical things of pregnancy, breastfeeding is a special one. It is the process by which the baby nourishes itself for the initial stage of their life and this increases the connection between the mother and the baby tremendously. Currently, the views on public breastfeeding have very controversial points; there are many people against it – even repulsed, and many who find this natural beautiful process of life to be just that – a natural process of life. Whatever your thoughts are on public breastfeeding, breastfeeding as a process is extremely crucial. There are numerous advantages to both the mother and the baby from breastfeeding. The lack of social support towards this should not be a limiting factor for any new mother to breastfeed her baby. This is so because the advantages of breastfeeding far outweigh the negative effects of it – if ever there were any negatives. The “negatives” that people state are simple things such as the loss of body image which are extremely insignificant in the face of everything else.

Health Benefits to the Baby

Breast milk is in essence the food of the newborn baby. It contains all the nutrients that a baby needs for survival during the initial stage of growth up until they are capable of having solid food. It is also the direct source for antibodies for the baby. Breast milk is rich in antibodies that the baby acquires from the mother preventing the baby from falling ill. This initial immunity that the baby acquires from his mother is extremely vital to the baby, it is from this immunity that the baby constructs their own immunity. You do not, under any circumstance want to deprive the baby of this opportunity to construct their defence system as it will have major consequences in the baby’s life even as an adult. Like in all things of life, if the foundation is not strong and steady, everything else will crumble.

Countless Benefits to the Mother

Breastfeeding is the process that increases the bond between the mother and the baby, this gives the mother a feeling of warmth and on most instances it has been said that it avoids the likelihood of the mother developing postpartum depression. The probability of developing breast cancer is also greatly reduced when breastfeeding is done. The mother can purchase breastfeeding dresses to ease her into the process during the first few months. This way, you are not caught unguarded wearing uncomfortable clothes that are difficult to loosen up in time to breastfeed the baby. Some studies show that mothers who breastfeed their babies have reduced chances of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Given the health benefits alone, it would be quite unwise to stop or avoid breastfeeding.

Cost Saving On Baby Milk Products

Baby milk products such as the milk powder and milk bottles and other appliances that go with feeding a baby can be quite an investment to make. Given their high costs, there is no guarantee the baby milk products are even the best for the baby as it will not have the same composition of nutrients as breast milk. Having to breastfeed the baby will avoid all these unnecessary costs and will ensure the baby receives a good dose of nutrients needed for their growth.