Caring for Your Baby 101

If you ask a mother what the most cherished memory of motherhood was, she would say without even a little bit of hesitation that it was where she carried her baby for the first time. Holding her little hand and hearing her breaths, knowing that she is finally here in your arms after an exhausting 9 months, there is no joy that can compare to that moment. A baby is so precious and innocent. Their whole being is so fragile and delicate that you need to take extremely good care of them to the best of your ability. So here are a few things you need to know to ensure that you can take care of your baby.

Keep Them Warm and Cosy

Babies especially newborn cannot regulate their body temperature well therefore even if the temperature does not feel cold to you, due to their inability to regulate their body temperature properly, your baby may feel very cold. So, you need to keep them warm and cosy. However, this does not mean you layer the clothes on too much rather you need to give then a few carefully chosen clothes that will keep them warm but not be too heavy on the baby’s body or make them too warm. The latter is something parents should be careful to avoid. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a terrifying albeit real phenomenon that affects babies less than a year old. Also sometimes called Crib Death, babies can die in their sleep. And one of the reasons why this can happen is due to overheating while sleeping. Therefore, next time you go to a baby shop sunshine coast, buy a few clothes that will keep your little one warm but not to the point of too warm.

Try Not to Baby Talk

When you hear babies coo and try to speak, it might be tempting to respond to the baby using the same mispronounced and nonsensical words but doing so is detrimental to your baby’s development. Motherese, as it is often called, can reinforce the incorrect speech and language rules which can negatively affect language and speech development of your baby by making the wrong words seem correct when you repeat them back to the baby. Instead, use the correct language and pronunciation when speaking to your little one. This will help them grasp a better command of language and the rules within it when they grow older.

Acknowledge Their Actions

The infant-caregiver relationship is possibly the biggest influencer in a child’s development. This is because babies learn best from the caregiver who spends most of their time with the baby. However, learning does not just happen out of nothing. You need to not just spend time with your child but acknowledge what they do. If they are taking their first step, being there and cheering them on will help your child become more confident in their actions. They will feel secure and less hesitant. Even if they make a mistake don’t ignore it. Even if they are less than 2 years old, you can still teach them right from wrong because babies learn at a very rapid rate. Therefore, always try to acknowledge your baby’s actions.

In the end, baby care is not easy but by doing the above it will feel easier and help your baby grow into a capable child.