Best Gifts To Get Your Toddler

A child’s toddler years are crucial years when the little ones learn several things. This is also the time when your little one wants to explore the world on his own by touching everything he can and subsequently, putting it in his mouth. This period is the time when your toddler tends to be more interactive with adults. It is such a joy to see how toddlers create a playful world of his own and include some adults in it. That is why it is important to surround the toddler with safe and educational playing materials that he can enjoy. Although your toddler might barely remember all the things that he did during his toddler years, it is still important that you, as a parent, make his toddler years worthwhile. Consider these gift ideas that you can buy for your toddler:

Color Crayons

Without a doubt, kids love colors. The more colourful it is, the more that they get distracted by it. In fact, this is a double-purpose toy. Your child becomes familiar with the different hues without ruining your house. Admit it. Having a toddler around is a bullet-proof formula for chaos and mess, especially if it involves crayons. However, you can never blame the toddler. He is, after all, just an innocent kid who is unmindful of his surroundings. Then again, there are certain types of crayons that only work if used on a special paper provided by the color crayon manufacturer. Indeed, great news for you as you do not have to freak out whenever you see multi-coloured lines on your wall. It’s hitting two birds with one stone – you’re making your child happy and at the same time, saving your wall from imminent damage.


If you have a toddler, you might find yourself looking at your “mini-me”. Since female toddlers idolize their moms, there is a high probability that she will want to dress like her mom. Make it more fun for your toddler by buying fake jewellery that she can play with. It can be the classic DIY jewellery wherein your toddler will have to create her own from a variety of beads. However, keep in mind that for this kind of toy, it is best if you supervise them as these beads have toxic and choking hazards. If this worries you, you can visit to choose non-toxic and washable jewellery that your toddler can truly enjoy.

Musical Instrument

Unlock your kid’s musical potential by purchasing miniature musical toy instruments that they can play with. Some of the available musical instruments for purchase include the piano, the drum, the guitar, the ukulele, and the flute. Improve his sensory development through these melodies that he can play along. Through this, your kid can also learn numbers, beats, and rhythms. Who knows? Your toddler might be the next Ludwig van Beethoven of his generation.

Toys bring great joy for toddlers. However, parents like you should exercise caution in choosing the right toy for them. Ensure that the toys are non-toxic and unharmful for your kids.